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1 to 1 Session
In an effort to help provide more personal services to my followers, I’ve decided to start giving 1 on 1 private sessions.
Although I pride myself in offering my blogs, videos, and public talks absolutely free of charge, I do have rates for 1 on 1 sessions as follows:
1 Hour Session — $250
2 Hour Session — $350
*All sessions are refundable within a 24 hour time period if you feel your purchase was not a worthy investment.
**All purchased sessions are recorded in HD via Skype but you may upload them or do with them as you please. Your privacy is important, so I will keep our session confidential unless instructed to do otherwise. I am also open to doing mobile chats without video, or even chatting via the internet, if it makes you feel more comfortable.
***I am very easy going and unassuming, so please do your best to not put any unnecessary pressure on yourself. My concern is with helping you to solve the problems you are facing and helping you become the best version of yourself. I firmly believe the key to creating positive change in our world lies in awakening the individual. You are capable of great and amazing things, you just need some guidance.
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